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Search by Boundaries – Another way to Search Santa Clarita real estate! – Please try it.

Found an area, zip code or community you like? Search Santa Clarita mls and save time and eliminate unwanted listings. Draw your own boundary, or use a preset boundary. Save your search and get MLS listings emailed to you from that area only! Click Santa Clarita communities if you want to find out about community neighborhoods, tracts, homes and floor plans. See below for instructions if you need them.

NEW!!! Search Santa Clarita MLS using the map above for homes for sale in Santa Clarita  (or any other area of interest) by drawing your own boundaries.

Search Santa Clarita MLS:  Search Santa Clarita communities, Santa Clarita neighborhoods, Zip Codes, and School Districts (not all school districts yet available – coming), by drawing your own selected boundaries, or preset city or neighborhood boundaries OR type in a specific search . Under the Santa Clarita MLS search, Cities of Santa Clarita Valley are defined as: Valencia Ca, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Canyon Country Ca, Castaic, Saugus Ca, Agua Dulce Ca, Acton Ca.

If you wish to look at all listings in Santa Clarita just type in “Santa Clarita” and choose Santa Clarita for the incorporated city, and “Santa Clarita Valley” for the whole valley. Neighborhoods are found by clicking on “Neighborhoods” instead of “City” then type in any city you are interested in in the search line and the neighborhoods will automatically appear. You can select more than one neighborhood at a time if you wish. e.g. If you type in “Valencia”, preset boundaries for Valencia Westridge, Valencia Woodlands, Valencia Summit etc. will appear for selection.
To read instructions as to how to draw your own select boundaries and save that search for yourself, please read below the map OR click
Instructions for using Pre-set boundaries to download printable file.


  • click on “Draw Boundary” .
  • Click on your starting point and each boundary point till you have completed the boundary.
  • If you need to move the map or zoom in and out while drawing, simply move your curser to the zoom area, click to where you wish to go, then move your curser back to your map to continue your boundary line.


  • Click on City: then type in any of the following: Santa Clarita, Valencia, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Newhall, Castaic, Saugus, Agua Dulce, Acton.

You do not need to use the backspace once you have begun to use the search – simply click on the search button again, select another area or renew your search completely to start again.

SEARCHING SPECIFIC NEIGHBORHOODS: If you wish to search specific Santa Clarita area neighborhoods in any of the cities, click on “neighborhoods” and start typing the name of any Santa Clarita Valley “city” and available neighborhoods will be presented to you to select.

SEARCHING BY ZIP: You can also search by zip and search by school district.

Login and register and YOU CAN SAVE YOUR SEARCHES and have new listings emailed to you as they appear in the MLS. You can also save FAVORITES and come back to review them at any time.

OR your can find homes for sale in Santa Clarita for individual communities by clicking on any of the following:

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Canyon Country Ca homes for sale
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