Santa Clarita Living


Santa Clarita Valley Map A wonderful place for adults and children alike, Santa Clarita offers many different lifestyle options.  Santa Clarita  has wonderful schools, beautiful homes (mostly newer), and lovely parks and recreation areas that your family can enjoy at all times of the year.  The city of Santa Clarita is located 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and encompasses 46.7 square miles of the approximately 200 square mile Santa Clarita Valley. The city is situated south of the Sierra Pelona mountain range and north of the Santa Susanna and San Gabriel Mountain Ranges between Interstate 5 and State Highway 14.  Elevation of the city ranges between 1200 feet and 3500 feet above sea level and snow often covers the mountain tops in winter……….on the rare occasion the snow may even be found on the valley floor.  That is a lot of fun for the adults and children alike.


Santa Clarita ClimateThe climate is generally a mild Mediterranean type climate for most of the year. Mid summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Farenheit for a week or so, but mostly mid summer termperatures lie between 80 and 95 degrees. Evenings enter into the 60′s. Mid winter temperatures are usually between 40 and 65 degrees and nights can fall below freezing. Most of the time however, evenings temperatures are mild and pleasant, even in mid summer, with cooling evening breezes blowing in from the coastline. The hot Santa Ana winds blow every so often and then, hold onto your hats!


Santa Clarita RecreationSanta Clarita is within easy distance of driving to the snow in the winter for those who love skiing. Several lakes, Castaic, Piru and Pyramid are just a short drive from the center of the city, so if fishing, sailing, or boating of any kind is something you enjoy, it is within easy driving distance. For those who enjoy off road motorbike, or riding  off road vehicles, there are large areas set aside not far from the city to enjoy.  Additionally many county and city parks have bicycle and walking paths for those who prefer to go under their own power. Surfers and sand lovers – 30 minutes will have you at the beach! Los Angeles theatres, concert halls, museums and restaurants are within easy driving distance………and you can get to Disneyland, Universal Studios and other venues with ease. If you enjoy getting out into the countryside everything is easy to get to without having to spend hours in Los Angeles traffic to get there.  Youth activities and sports are encouraged in Santa Clarita.